5 Teen Patti Strategies To Help You Win Real Money

For Indians, “Teen Patti” is not a game to win some extra amount and wake away with excitement. For every Indian who knows how to play cards teenpatti game is an emotion. Whether you win or lose, spending time with your best buddies during the festival is all matters.

However, because of the internet and online casinos, Teen Patti has gained so much popularity among Indian Casino lovers. However, many people who play Teen Patti and win big do not even know they are using a strategy.

How Can Many People Win Teen Patti So Easily?

While playing casino games online, you will often encounter a few players who have never played casino games before and still win the game in the first place. Do you know how? It is because Teen Patti is everybody’s game. Those players who have won the first match may not know how to bet but know how to play cards and especially the teenpatti game.

Now they may play it with their instinct, but in reality, unknowingly, they are using a specific strategy that has been used to win their Diwali games. Here we have brought some strategies direct from scratch that will not only help you to play the game more effectively on online casino platforms like fairplay but also let you win a huge amount.

The Strategies of Teen Patti

Now, if you are a beginner, then these strategies will not only help you to play 3 Patti properly but also help you to become a pro. Remember that if you are unaware of the rules, learn them before you start betting. 3 Patti has seven hand ranking rules. If you want to win something big, then you can memorize it with all your heart. Now it is just a suggestion that pro players provide to beginners. Here are some real strategies.

  • Start Slowly- No matter if you are playing against your best friend or the house, if you want to win the game and fill your pocket with the winning amount, you have to start with only a small amount. Because that little amount will not only secure your money but also help you to observe and understand the game more closely. Besides, wagering a little money will also buy you more time to understand the opponent’s strategy.
  • Learn to Read The Face- In a teenpatti game, you can raise the stakes before the game starts properly. Now, if you want to play and win the game and beat your opponent, then you have to learn to read the face of the opponent. However, if you are playing it with the house, then the strategy will not work. But you can use the process if participating in live casino games.
  • Practise Offline Games to Memorize the Rules and Rankings- One of the best methods to win the game is practicing. Now, playing cards was a little tough, but with the help of online platforms like fairplay, you can practice for as long as you want. And the more you practice, the more you learn the rules and ranking. Make sure you start wagering when you are confident enough.
  • Drop the Emotion and Be Ready for Folds- Pro players know when to stop playing. Now it is true that players play 3 Patti mostly because it has a connection with the past. But if you do not realize when you need to fold, you will lose money like sand. If you have some bad cards, it is better to Fold them than continue to play and lose all the money.
  • Wager A Smaller Amount- In 3 Patti, you have to bet the amount before you get then get the card. And remember, it is a one-time call. The game is yours if you get good cards, but if you get weak cards, the fold is the best option to secure your money. And that is why experts suggest betting smaller amounts at a time.

Final Words

Now, as we said, the 3 Patti is everybody’s game. So if you are playing it with some real players, ensure you have learned it properly. That is why online platforms like fairplay allow you to understand the game properly before you start playing with real money. However, if you want to learn the game, stop thinking about winning or making money and learn the game with all your heart. And once you know the techniques winning is just a matter of time.

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